Hodgson / McKenzie Night

February 6, 2018


  The North Yorkshire Road Racing Supporters Club kicks off the 2018 season on Tuesday,January 30th when the special guest will be the British Motostar Champion Tom Booth Amos. Tom has not had the usual path of Mini-Moto, Aprilia Superteens to Moto 3 as he had spent some time on a Superstock 600 bike but 2017 saw everything fall into place perfectly as he dominated the Motostar  series on the Ryan Saxelby prepared City Lifting KTM. Tom won 19 races and his lowest  position in a race he finished was second!
  Just as impressive, a wild card ride at the British Moto GP Moto 3 event saw Tom come home in 21st position, just over 15 seconds behind the winner. A wild card rider on a home prepared bike been on that pace in the dry is almost unheard of. This success has led to Tom joining the British Talent Team for an attempt to win the Junior World Championship Moto 3 class held mostly in Spain.
  The Clubs' own Elliot Lodge (one of only two other riders to claim a win in the BSB Motostar series in 2017) will be on stage to talk about his plans for 2018 and also joining us on the 30th will be Charlie Farrer, a local rider who will be competing in the Dorna organized British Talent Cup, a series hoping to take riders to Grand Prix level. Charlie is also racing in the British Superstock 600 series with help from a former NYRRSC  sponsored rider Paul Veazey. Charlie is hoping to build on winning the 2017 Thundersport Superteen Series.